A design edition for ceramic housewares, with a focus on good design, an exceptional creative guide and a roster of carefully selected designers.
The objects are small and medium in size, for easy use and – in certain cases – with a way of fostering new habits thanks to their original design characteristics. The various pieces are different from one another, just like the designers who have imagined them in the chorus of unison provided by the ceramic material that is the brand’s trademark.

IL COCCIO, an Italian brand founded in the 1960s, has always been associated with the production of humidifiers and ceramic housewares. With IL COCCIO D’AUTORE, since the 1980s the company collaborated with exceptional designers – like Alessandro Mendini and Nanda Vigo – for the creation and decoration of humidifiers.

The entrepreneur Fulvio Martini acquired IL COCCIO in 2006, continuing the production and distribution of the firm’s humidifiers and accessories. In 2010 the brand launched a “design edition” of humidifiers created around the reissue of the famous “Fischietto” model – designed in 1998 by Achille Castiglioni for IL COCCIO.
The collection presented in 2017 features the birth of the brand in its own right, and it bears the signatures of designers chosen and commissioned by Giulio Iacchetti.

Creative direction: Giulio Iacchetti
Identity and Graphic design: Leonardo Sonnoli, Irene Bacchi
Photography: Max Rommel


Thanks to tau-marin for the toothbrushes in the pictures of our toothbrush holder “Lac”.